Thursday, June 27, 2013

Versatile...check it out!

My DIL and I got lost for awhile--not physically lost and not even lost in regards to our relationship--we just got lost in our sense of time and priorities.  But I had to come back to share asome news about an amazing product that is going to change the world!  Or at least change how in-laws can stay connected...

Maybe some of you have bulky digital pictures at your house.  They have to be plugged into a socket which limits where you can display them AND it's a major hassle to change/add new pictures.  So if you are like my dear, sweet mother, your digital picture frame is sitting on a corner table still showing the same pictures that were originally downloaded (or were they uploaded?) 10 years ago.   Someone coming to visit her would never know that she has 14 great-grandchildren (and they are 'great' in so many ways) who were all born after the digital picture frame was set up.  Three go those great-grandchild belong to me--well, to my sons and DILs, but you know what I meant--and while I have plenty if pictures if them, I don't have a clue how to load them on that digital frame...nor do I want to learn!

Well, enter Versatile.  It's a thin, cordless picture frame that uses color eInk and has a battery that lasts for months.  Because it uses eInk there won't be any unsightly glare nor will it glow in the dark!  BUT the best oart is that you can share pictures to it without having to go anywhere near it!  You take a picture with your smartphone in New Jersey, tap a button and it shows up on Grandma's Versatile out in Oregon.  You take your kids to the splash pool in Maryland at 10 a.m. and snap a picture...guess what Grandpa sees on his Versatile when he wakes up at 7 a.m. In Idaho?  You guessed it...that picture of your kids at the splash park!  Say you're on vacation in Hawaii on great- grampndma's can snap a picture of the family on the beach holding a sign that says "Happy Birthday! We love you!" and it will be on her Versatile with the tap of a button.

But what if you don't have a smartphone?  I don't, but I do take digital pictures and transfer them to my computer pretty regularly.  With a drag and click, I can send a picture to my mom's Versatile, to my MIL's Versatile, or to the grandson's Versatile.  All I need is their pass code and I can share my pictures with them.

And I can send a picture to a Versatile at the same time I'm posting it to Facebook.  It's  going to be amazing!

The developer of Versatile is still looking for donations to get this product going.  He's just asking for a buck from everyone who agrees that this is the best idea around for easily and conveniently sharing pictures with loved ones who live around the block or around the country.  Who want Grandma to  have current pictures of her grandchildren-- of Mac as a 3year old little boy, not as a 6 week old infant (Whuch is what I saw at a woman's house this morning.  I saw a picture if a newborn on her living room wall and congratulated her on a new grandbaby.  She embarrasedly  told me he just turned 3 and she really needed to replace that picture.  What she really needs is a Versatile!)

So, quick...check out this guy on Twitter:  @GetVersaTile or check this website:
Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch his video clip, then scroll up and give him a buck-- or 2, or 3, or more.  And then, share the link with all your friends va email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.  Spread the word!

I am obviously very excited

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